Alternative Marketing : Stussy’s ‘Strip for Likes’ Facebook Campaign

Alternative Marketing: Stussy Facebook campaign


There’s an old saying that “nothing is free”; and in the case of Stussy’s latest Facebook campaign, the contemporary clothing line is taking that meaning to a whole new level. The Stussy Amsterdam page is enticing fans to “like” their page, and what they’re offering in return is quite risqué.

In an effort to debut the Men’s 2012 Summer/Spring line, Stussy Amsterdam’s latest Facebook campaign is showcasing a model wearing layers upon layers of clothing, and vows to strip for every “like” the Dutch Stussy page receives. The strategy is fairly simple and straightforward, and is causing a bit of a stir.

Smart? Or just plain trashy? We’ll let you be the judge by voting at the bottom of the page. Since its launch in early April, the campaign has gotten both positive and negative feedback:

“Stussy is finally using the Facebook feature in an original way,” says Amsterdam Ad Blog. “Better yet, it hooks consumers. After liking the stripper once, users will come back multiple times to check on her stage of undress. In doing so, they’ll see a multitude of Stussy clothes.”

Opposing opinions, like that of Patricia Robles at Econsultancy, question the brand positioning of Stussy Amsterdam’s campaign. Given that Stussy carries both men’s and women’s apparel, some suggest it would have been wiser to have launched this particular campaign with a male and female model together.

Whether you’re for or against the campaign, Stussy’s Dutch Facebook has succeeded in respect of garnering attention, and has since gone viral.


This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily strip down to your undies, but here are some initial steps to take when planning your own marketing campaign.

Like any campaign, start with outlining as much information as possible. Look to cover all your bases, taking into account answering the five W’s (who, what, where, when, and why). Here’s a start:

STEP 1) Understand Your Market

Know who your target markets are, and go where they go.

“As a contemporary brand you need to be wherever your fans live, shop or play. Facebook plays an integral part of their lives. Stussy AMS’ Facebook is therefore an important platform to engage with fans, inform them or just share the fun,” says Sean Thompson, Head of Creativity, Arnold Amsterdam.

STEP 2) Determine Your Objectives

Are you looking to create a buzz and go viral? Or to complete some other marketing objective? An effective marketing campaign often contains a collage of activities working together for a common goal.

STEP 3) What’s Your Channel?

Outline all the available marketing channels that fall into your budget, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a press release, and influential bloggers. It’s important to know where your customers are.

STEP 4) What’s All the Buzz About?

Your campaign should be bold, unique, and most importantly, engaging. How could you engage with your market?

As consumers:

  • We are visual – Seeing is believing, and depending on what feelings you are trying to convey, a picture can bring it all together.
  • We look for patterns – Patterns are reassuring, because we feel we have a level of control.
  • We like beginnings and ends – This can be exemplified by deadlines or “limited time.” Giving a time frame gives consumers a sense of urgency, and just as you condition yourself to prioritize, you’re conditioning your consumers to do the same.
  • We respond to emotion – This usually can be related to your “story.” How much are your viewers relating to your story, or what emotions is your story creating?
  • We like stories – As kids, we are often read to. And as adults, we still love a good story, cause, or purpose. How engaging your story or cause is will dictate whether you’re able to entice your audience to take action.

When you have these steps thoroughly mapped out, you are ready to take action!

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