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Alternative Marketing: Going Viral

  Viral marketing is  presenting an idea that quickly grabs the viewers attention; and sparking a common interest among a large community of people in a virus like manner, hence the term “viral”.  Social media enables this phenomenon we call […]

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Alternative Marketing: Stussy Facebook campaign

Alternative Marketing : Stussy’s ‘Strip for Likes’ Facebook Campaign

  There’s an old saying that “nothing is free”; and in the case of Stussy’s latest Facebook campaign, the contemporary clothing line is taking that meaning to a whole

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Alternative Marketing and Its Uses

Businesses are more and more looking to alternative marketing for getting their message out. Although traditional marketing campaigns, such as

Ideas for collecting emails with alternative marketing

Collecting Emails Using Alternative Marketing

Alternative marketing offers creative ways to attract buyers without appearing too obvious or paying high prices for sales publicity. While alternate marketing

Rich From Alternative Marketing

How Non-Traditional Marketing Can Make You Rich


The How and Why of Alternative Marketing

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