Ideas For Your Website


Ideas For Your Website

When the World Wide Web became available to a mass audience (mid-1990’s), a company with a web page
was more the exception than the rule. Customers paid by mail or telephone. A web presence may have been
desirable, but not required.

How times have changed

Fast-forward to 2011. In today’s competitive business environment, a web page is not a luxury. To say a web presence is a requirement is an understatement. Just try thinking of a business without one. In fact, all of your marketing tactics to drive people to your web site could be wasted if the marketing message on your landing page is weak. Let’s look at ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Know your audience

A huge and often repeated mistake of many businesses is trying to be all things to all people. It usually doesn’t work. Always ask yourself: Who am I trying to attract? What are their concerns? What is our solution to these concerns? What benefits can we offer our customers?

A good place to start is to sit down and have an imaginary conversation with your potential customer. What is their reason for considering your product or service? What are their fears? What keeps them up nights? Once you know this, you can explain why you are special, and have the answers they are seeking. Make sure your landing page gets to this – quickly and clearly.

Successful marketers remember a concept called the Unique Sales Proposition. What is different (and better) about your product or service? Why should a potential customer switch to you, or consider using you in the first place? The Unique Sales Proposition does not mean that you are totally different from the normal standards in your field. What it means is the small but unique things that you do differently-resulting in serving the needs of the customer better than your competition. Again, make sure this difference is stated in a way that is easy to understand.

Remember, it is all about the interests of the customer. Often, marketing consists of reciting a company’s history, personnel, and other irrelevant (to the customer) facts. Effective marketing identifies the concerns and needs of the customer-then describes quickly and simply how you can solve their problems.

Put yourself in the place of a potential customer who just discovered your website. Are your purpose and benefits stated clearly? What about ease of operation? With many other websites to choose from, making things difficult for a potential customer will often result in losing them-to a competitor with a more user-friendly website.

Graphic design can also contribute to a confusing message. Don’t neglect this vitally important area. Things to consider are:

  • How many words should be on each page.

  • How to use text for optimal eye-tracking

  • How to keep the potential customer flowing from page to page

All of these ideas are important. In fact, any one of them can make or break a successful website. If you lack graphic design knowledge, consider hiring professional help.

The Psychology of Sales

Your landing page is so important. Put simply, you must grab your potential customer’s attention, and give them a reason to look further. The principals of sales apply here as well as they do off-line. Remember these two rules: people buy for emotional, not logical reasons, and once they decide to buy, they need logic to justify their purchase.

Is your web page generating excitement? Are you hitting the emotional hot buttons that lead to sales? Or is your web page loaded with dry, technical terms that may confuse or bore the customer? This approach may kill the deal.

For example, a recent appeal for a webcast captured the problems and frustrations of many small business owners with this approach:

Frustrated in trying to get the most out of your work force?

Tired of doing too much yourself?

Sick of seeing your best employees leave?

Stop complaining about it. Do something about it! Join us for this FREE webcast and uncover the secrets of building an effective Human Capital Plan.

Your competition knows these secrets – here is your chance to learn them. Then watch in amazement as your company’s efficiency skyrockets…and your personnel problems vanish…quickly and effortlessly!

Contrast that with this approach:

At 8:00 PM on (date), Company XYZ will be presenting a webcast on the techniques of utilizing your employee’s to their maximum capabilities. These techniques that will be discussed are the most modern and efficient approaches that have been proven to add to your profits.

See the difference? While they both convey the same message, the first approach is designed to get the business owner to think that this is what he needs, and that finally someone knows exactly what he is dealing with. The second approach lacks the urgency and emotional appeal that means so much.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Your customers are concerned about themselves. Make sure your web page makes them, not your business, the main focus

  • Know the reasons your customers buy from you…emotional as well as logical

  • Satisfy the emotional needs of your customers first – then provide the logical reasons for their purchase. Never forget this. All too often, the logical reasons are emphasized first, which results in fewer sales


There is only one chance to make a first impression. For many of your potential customers, their visit to your website will be this chance. The good news is this: what they see and experience is totally in your control.Therefore, all of the work and planning you put into your website will pay off many times over.


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