3+ Nontraditional Marketing Ideas

Nontraditional Marketing Ideas

Marketing and advertising 
are some of the most important assets of a business, since it helps develop a brand and spread the word of your business. You’d be hard pressed to find any business owner who would put marketing to the wayside. Nontraditional marketing, or tactics beyond the usual social media campaign or word-of-mouth plan or newspaper advertising, are a great way to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer, and they are more than likely to repeat business with you. And since everyone is exposed to advertising and marketing all the time, it’s now common for businesses to do unusual things to grab some attention.

Guerilla Marketing.
This type of marketing has become very popular. Using the everyday environment around us, businesses can use guerrilla marketing to send out a witty and lasting impression. Flash mobs at busy train stations, non-conventional billboards, and even using manholes to your advantage are all part of guerrilla marketing. Other examples include staged publicity stunts, temporary tattoos, and interactive magazine ads. Almost anything you can think of to draw attention to you.

Viral websites, videos.
Another staple in nontraditional marketing is viral videos, pictures, and even websites. Burger King, BMW, Skittles and other name brands use this type of marketing frequently. To go viral, you need something clever or witty or funny or amazing or shocking. Weird and engaging marketing seems to really help people put a face to a brand or business. Skittles has reworked their entire campaign to market “weird” YouTube videos and bizarre commercials. The key, however, is not to seem like an infomercial, of course.

Unusual social media.
Instead of the typical Twitter business account or boring Facebook page, use social media to build a story or character with your business. A mascot, a competition customers can participate in, whatever it may be. Everyone likes to laugh, can be intrigued or otherwise engaged and this leaves a lasting impression.

Odds and ends.
With the popularity of the Internet, the ideas for nontraditional marketing is nearly endless and can be cheap. Interacting with customers or clients shouldn’t be mechanical or forced, show a bit of a human side to your business when marketing. Engage, engage, engage.

Even traditional marketing methods can be turned around to be nontraditional. Promotional stuff like USB sticks with your funny video on them, business cards that are made of canvas, sticky notes with funny pictures, and even ads can be crafty, too.

Adding that extra effort to help market your business in a nontraditional way can be the difference between just getting by or having a runaway success on your handss. It’s time to stop using methods our grandparents used, and think beyond old-fashioned marketing!

What nontraditional marketing ideas have you seen that caught your attention?

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